What is your strategy to unlock business system and process improvement and support innovative projects and profitable growth?


How do you maintain competitiveness, map and realise business benefits, and achieve this consistently and efficiently?


K J Linn & Associates Limited has been created to help answer these questions for your business. Building on more than 25 years B2B & B2C success in the UK and Internationally, KLA can help you to fast-track pragmatic insight and high quality presentation to unlock improved performance and support innovative projects and profitable growth.


Please explore our website to see the services we offer and how we can help your business, or alternatively click the link below for a summary document.


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Business system and process improvement


dotSolving business system and process


dotTranslating strategy into actual systems,

processes and results

dotFormulate and implement best practice

customer service processes and systems

dotBenefits mapping and realisation


Growth and innovative project support


dotIndependent assessment and stakeholder


dotBusiness measurement and tangible

benefits control

dotCommercial service transition

dotTechnology enabled business change