Our service is particularly beneficial to those with fresh and demanding challenges within their organization.


The Problem:

iStock_000017044314SmallThe unfortunate truth is most executives  don’t get the free space and time to gather the proper perspective of where they are.. A senior executives time gets consumed at too low a level due to the inability of their staff to input quality & timely information. In effect the senior executive gets dragged down and is forced to pick up after a team who are “treading water” – either suffering email bombardment, meetings, events or just the daily toll of the corporate environment. Even with the best intentions they will never be able to carve out the time or focus to achieve these goals.

Senior leaders, MDs and FDs have a perspective that there is considerable opportunity within their businesses, however, they rarely get presented with a high quality and factual output that will enable strategic decision making.


One of the main issues is decisions are made haphazardly without any true consensus or focus on the big picture, which wastes time and causes lost opportunities.






The Solution:

K L A, business system and process improvement specialists.


K L A offers independent expert perspective into your organisation’s challenges and opportunities and make recommendations to help you unlock rapid real benefits.


Our work is commissioned and delivered with a minimum of time input and to an extremely high quality & presentation. As such, there is an extremely high level of self sufficiency and following an initial chat, face to face and final meeting to firm up scope, meet colleagues etc the high quality output follows on and gives them something to work with very quickly.




iStock_000018482949SmallOur  product :

  1. 1.  Assessment – typically 10-days to assemble facts, link with stakeholders and translate findings into
  2. 1.  high quality output by work stream.
  3. 2.  Output – present findings and recommendation to executive stakeholders.
  4. 3.  Execution options:


  • I.             In-house implementation of KLA work(s)
  • II.            KLA recommends potential internal talent from existing resources to deliver agreed work(s) –
  • II.            KLA facilitation can be provided if requested.
  • III.           KLA facilitates solution delivery and delivers some work components


If capacity constrains an in-house implementation, which is our priority, KLA upon request can tailor options 3.II or 3.III to accelerate benefit delivery. There is no KLA cost for 3.I, and 3.II & 3.III are subject to the level of engagement.


If your business challenges are driving the need to rapidly unlock factual real benefits, we would be pleased to help and discuss your circumstances and potential requirements.