Devised a logistics & communication system to exit a £55M business with 15K accounts and 1700 employees.

This essential requirement incorporated the assessment, commissioning and management of an outsourced service provider, Computershare, design, implementation and operational delivery of a logical solution to manage all aspects of customer communication and transitioning to alternative service providers over a 4-month exit period.


This highly confidential and sensitive project incorporated consultation with Rentokil Initial, RI legal and PR advisers together with daily communication with RI executive management, pre and post market announcement.


At the summary level this sophisticated solution managed the delivery of 25,000 termination letters, full end-to-end contact centre tracking, MI reporting and audit and the management and recording of approaching 100,000 additional contacts.

Execution was concluded on time and on budget, with negotiated settlement with 92% of the customer accounts with zero litigation claims