Following a period of rapid expansion the Group FD commissioned KLA to conduct an independent review of processes linking time & attendance, payroll and invoicing within The Staffing Group, comprising of Extra Personnel and Single Resource.  The opportunity for continued growth in this fluid and competitive industry was driving the need for rapid and effective solutions provision and an appetite to be best in breed which sponsored the initiative.


Simplistically, the business is about satisfying client needs via the provision and management of thousands of contractors who are paid weekly, however, the sheer volume of time capture, cyclical processing and dynamic on boarding and off boarding of unique client requirements gives rise to a demanding suite of time-critical and complex requirements.


KLA output organised by work stream, benefits summary and go forward options delivered a clear and factual visibility of the opportunities, subsequent to which, KLA were re-engaged to facilitate best practice and technology.


The ultimate objective is to achieve leading scalable efficiency supporting profitable growth & customer experience via the consistent deployment of best practice enabled with effective technology.